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he asked the man in the car when we were looking for something fun ! Marie looked at me and said, what do you think I agreed and so mammothtube we from the parking lot on a quiet street. He got off his car and sat in the back of our Marie stripped and sucked my cock while the man watched, afterhelp "you want me first," I said, first, by what he has in his back and was on his cock and jerk that I suck at the same time. then she told the man, fuck me! put him in the seat and the guy went straight to her wet pussy fucked as I saw, he hit her pussy hard and grunted as he shot load their cargo inside! Marie said "next" I totally love it when inspiration has climbed back into the passenger seat and
Quotes trong>mammothtube opened her legs i fuck and got brave fingers between her legs and slid my hard cock in her wet pussy he felt very much like as I fucked her in hot milk ! He leaned forward and masturbate cock guys in the back, took me to Mary, until she reached a shattering orgasm before my load in her wet hole she had a complete pussy, like me, we moved to the front and let the boy return to mammothtube the chair went to his car, do not even have his name. We were both on in this expierience that caught again, andbefore I left and went to visit Mary. We agreed to go dogging again mammothtube this week and I hope that after our " show" Marie agreed in gangs ass! I will take the load! !


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I took Mary to the Friday night and we decided together on the hill for a dogging session going, arrived and parked and let my pants Mary began to suck my cock and I was hard in seconds, it took up and down to show her tits PERT, at that time there were 8 people looking at the windows, put us in a program and I was rock hard, Marie said that moves, because many people now. We drove to the lower parking area and started again was my sucking cock while playing with her ​​tits and ass, then leaned in the passenger seat and play with her ​​clit while the boys turned to look in the windows. We stopped the program, as well as a car pulled up beside us, Marie opened the door and lit a cigarette,